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Don't Be Like Your Old Man

Matt Richards

(Disclaimer in this: I love my father. He was a brilliant father and there are many brilliant father's out there who I truly honour.)

1 Kings 15:3 He continued to sin just like his father before him. He was not truehearted to God as his grandfather David had been.

Abijah became king of Judah. He had a great heritage through his grandad David but he continued to sin like his father (Rehoboam).

Some sins are learnt behaviour; but some are a family heritage and are passed down spiritually/demonically.

Abijah caused fighting and division; his father's name meant 'contention' and in some translations 'a large wine bottle.'

Some people end up 'just like their old man'.

Some sins, some addictions go from one generation to another. They inherit anger, strife, contention even their predisposition to alcohol.

The bad news is you have a spiritual family history. Curses can come down to the fourth and fifth generation. But the good news is you have a new spiritual DNA through the blood of Jesus.

Jesus' blood sets you free from your familiar predisposition to sin, sets you free from your bad spiritual heritage and connects you through Jesus to the blessings of Abraham.

Don't be like your old man. Break the cycle of sin and put on the new man in Jesus. Be true hearted and see what the Lord will do in your family.


Father I don't want to repeat the same sin cycles as my forefathers . Thank You for the cross and for my new DNA in Jesus. I choose to be true hearted to You today in Jesus' Name Amen.

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