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Radical Church in Norwich (charity number 1174903) has been a dedicated supporter of an orphanage in Southern India for over twenty years. The Indian diet is centred on rice and the price of all food in India has risen considerably faster than income over the last two years (as it has in the UK). You can help the orphanage work towards becoming self- sufficient by contributing to the purchase of fields in the countryside to grow rice and other fruit and vegetables. Two fields have already been purchased but more land can be used to grow food for sale. The orphanage needs funds for seed plus local labourers to work on the fields as well as irrigation. Three harvests a year are possible and this will provide the orphanage with enough rice for their own needs and a surplus to sell which can be used to pay school fees as well as provide clothing and school uniforms and other essentials
Can you help us?

*the fine print; Radical Church has no admin fees so giving directly via bank transfer means there are no additional costs or "middle-men" so the only fees are what the banks charge for transfer and exchange rates.

To Give Use the following bank Details
Account Name: Radical Orphanage 
sort code : 204545
Account Number : 13237680

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