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When Things Go Wrong

Matt Richards

John 18:25 Meanwhile, Simon Peter was back at the fire, still trying to get warm. The others there said to him, "Aren't you one of his disciples?"

Looked at this passage yesterday, but want to expand again today. In this passage Jesus had been arrested and everything Peter thought was going to happen, like Jesus becoming King didn't. He must have felt confused, let down and dejected.

When things don't turn out the way you planned. When people look like they've let you down or the church has failed you or even someone you love doesn't get healed but dies. Be careful! Be careful what you go back to. Fire is a form of warmth, a source of comfort. When things go horribly wrong and they will; because there will always be times in life when bad stuff happens, even to good people. Don't like Peter separate yourself from fellow believers (a fellowship) and be alone. That's dangerous. You need, we need each other. Isolation can then lead you to go back, back to the old fire, that is trying to comfort yourself with things you used too. Those things never helped you before, in fact they made it worse. I don't know what your self-comfort was: alcohol, drugs, porn maybe it was more socially acceptable like depression, sickness, spending; relationships even the gym. Whatever it was it won't work for you now. It can just ruin your faith and spoil your witness. Take it to the God of all Comfort. He understands the Holy Spirit is the comforter . And get with fellow believers who are on your side. At your worst time the devil will ask aren't you a Jesus follower? Don't be condemned, He is with you and you are. This Jesus stuff works on the mountain top and in the valley. When things go wrong run to Jesus and stay in fellowship. Prayer:

Father thank You for loving and comforting me for being there at a time of need. I refuse to go back to destructive self comfort. I choose to run to You and receive Your love and comfort, thank You for being here right now in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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