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What can i give Jesus

Matt Richards

Psalm 40:6 Doing something for you, bringing something to you— that's not what you're after. Being religious, acting pious— that's not what you're asking for. You've opened my ears so I can listen.

----- This meme about the drummer boy made me laugh today. How many times have you received inappropriate gifts. Or given them, i have. My mum is a classic for giving my children weapons of mass destruction: Bow n arrows, boxing gloves, catapults that kind of thing.

Soon after receiving them my children are shooting, punching, and trying to kill each other.

Here God is saying hey burnt offerings, sacrifices, being religious those gifts i'm just not after. What I'm after is you to listen and obey Me. 'You have given me the capacity to hear and obey.' Wow. Sometimes we patronize God with more 'stuff' And He's saying "you know what I am after your heart. I am after your listening and obeying." I want in my life to be able, with the psalmist to say: 'I delight to do Your will, O my God.' That's the best present you can give Jesus this Christmas and the whole year. Not stuff but a listening and obedient heart.


Father forgive me for giving You thing's that i think are cool but just aren't. Holy Spirit help me to to have a soft listening heart to heart pleases You. Help me to listen and obey all You ask of me today in Jesus name amen.

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