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Vacancies In Norwich. Job Opportunity This Week In Church

Matt Richards

Isaiah 64:7 And there is no one who calls on Your name, Who stirs himself up to take hold of You; For You have hidden Your face from us, And have consumed us because of our iniquities.

Just some thoughts on this verse. One of my favourite verses in the bible.

  1. If you are a God Chaser, a pursuer of His presence, you will be in the minority. At this time when it was written, there was no one. No one with passion for God. Today there are still vacancies for this position. In a world of compromised, lazy Chritianity be different, be the 'One.' The Radical one, who goes for it in God.

  2. There's power when we call on the Name of Jesus. Not a church, a denomination. Not calling on a friend or putting it on facebook; but calling on Jesus. No one can do that for you. Like blind Bartomeus, you have to lose your dignity and in desperation put your hunger on display and call out "Jesus, Jesus son of David have mercy on me".

  3. It's my responsibility to stir myself up. It's not about waiting till I feel like doing it or getting others to rouse me to action. I have to provoke myself to get hold of God. I have to poke myself and say, "body get up, I know it's early but you will get up and seek God."

  4. In taking hold of God, it takes two hands. I have to let go of some stuff. I have to drop some things that I have got hold of and shake off others that have got hold of me. It takes commitment. I have to do it on purpose. It takes effort. It takes peserverance; I have to keep holding on even when I am weary, like Jacob held on and wrestled till he got the blessing.

I am determined to call on Jesus, stir myself up, wake myself up and take hold of Him and cling onto Him. I am determined to be the one.

How about you?


Father I'm after You. Not fame, fortune or success: I am after You. I've got to have You Jesus, today. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I call on Your name. I stir myself up and take hold of You. I'm just not letting go, when you're looking for someone Radical, let me be that one let me fill the vacancy in Jesus' Name Amen.

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