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Unicorns & Double decker buses

Matt Richards

Psalm 92:10 But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.

--- You know today i picked up the double decker bus from the garage.The oil leak has been repaired and the alternator belt replaced. And i tell you because of the gifts of another small but generous church and the Radicals it's paid for. I'm telling you Jesus just loves that bus. Loves it and so do i. Love it. I am grateful. I get diverted.. Here's the thing though: I am driving it home on the A11. Usually i get to forty five and it starts to steering wheel shake.The fastest its ever been is sixty downhill just for a moment with a tail wind near Brundall. But here i am cruising at sixty.No shudder. I am overtaking tractors and old people, feels great. The Hope Bus has never ever shever run so good. I said what's changed, what did they do.? Well all they did that might change things was as part of the repair was give it fresh oil. You know maybe you aren't, maybe I'm not running to the fullest of our capabilities But maybe all you need, all i need is fresh oil. You need, we need: fresh oil. We need a fresh filling of the oil of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost oil makes all the difference. Jesus loves unicorns & buses and anoints them with fresh oil.


Father i feel a little sluggish, little weary. Things that didn't use to upset me, now irritate and grate on me. Jesus fill me with Holy Ghost fresh oil today that i might go faster n further and rum smoother in Jesus name amen.

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