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Time To Seek The Lord (Part 3)

Matt Richards

Hosea 10:13-14 Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the LORD, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you. You have plowed iniquity; you have reaped injustice; you have eaten the fruit of lies. Because you have trusted in your own way and in the multitude of your warriors

This passage is saying lots of bad stuff has happened to you because you've made some bad choices. You've reaped what you've sown. You have trusted in your own way.

Many people thinking they can do it 'their way' and as the Message puts it: they do it all on their own.

This independence, this I will rely on myself, I don't need help, only leads to a great fall.

Frank Sinatra sang: 'I did it my way'

and everybody loves the tune, loves the song; the mantra 'if it feels good do it' has become the theme for a generation.

But here's the thing when I did it my way, independent from God, when I did what I felt like; I got in a right mess.

My way, my will leads to proper bondage and sin. But when I gave up thinking I knew best and surrendered to God, He changed everything.

The bible says there is a way that seems right to man but its end is destruction.

The bible says that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Today Jesus wants you to know that 'your way', your will, will only end bad. Being lost and heading for hell. That Jesus is not a way, but The Way, the only way to God and Heaven.

Before the days of Satnav I used to get lost when driving in London. Many times pride would prevent me asking for directions.

That is stopping the car, stopping my journey, admitting I was lost, and seeking help and direction.

Feeling broken, feeling lost? It could be because you have trusted in your own way.

Just stop, admit your lost, and your way hasn't worked, seek God, ask for directions, and get on the narrow path that leads to eternal life.

It maybe a complete change of direction. But it will be the start of an amazing journey.

Seek God, ask for direction, choose to live life God's Way.


Father forgive me for doing things my way. I choose to stop in the journey of life. I admit I am lost. Help me, redirect my path. I choose to do things Your way today. Thank You for a change of direction in Jesus' name amen.

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