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Time To Get Real..Time To Get On Your Face (Revival, Conviction, Fear Of God And Repenting)

Matt Richards

(Fb Memory)

'Finney was so anointed with the Holy Spirit that people were often brought under conviction of sin just by being in his presence or by looking at him. When holding meetings in Utica he visited a large factory. I'll let Finney tell what happened:' "I went to the factory to walk through it. As I went through, I observed a great deal of agitation among those who were busy at their work. On passing through an area where a large number of young women were weaving, I observed one women eyeing me, then making a comment to her neighbor. They both laughed. I could see that they were quite agitated by my presence. I went slowly toward them, with sorrow filling my eyes. As the one woman saw me coming, her hands trembled so that she could not do her work. I approached slowly, looking and acting like I was interested in the machinery on each side. This girl grew more and more agitated...trying to calm herself, she looked out the window. When I came within eight or ten feet of her, I looked solemnly at her. She sank down to her knees and burst into tears. The impression caught almost like gunpowder, and in a few moments nearly everyone in the room was in tears. The feeling spread throughout the factory. The owner of the factory said, ‘stop the mill, and let the people be attended is more important that our souls be saved that that the factory run.'" 'The revival went through the mill with astonishing power and everyone in the mill was converted.' You know Wednesday night on the Hope Bus we saw something like this; just a tiny, small taster of what's to come. (Might have been just a small cloud, but was still a cloud.) As we were preaching the Gospel against sin Wednesday night in Norwich. A 17 year old girl started to cry. The crying turned to sobs. She came under conviction. Her friends tried to get her away. She ended up on the pavement outside the bus knelt down on the ground crying, sobbing, repenting. We need these kids to encounter God. We need conviction of sin. We have preached a Jesus loves you message. We need something of God to touch them so they meet the awesomeness of God as well. As they are going to hell. Finney knew it. We are praying this through now. Don't get me wrong I believe in the grace of God and the love of God. But there is also something of the fear of God and conviction of sin. I feel conviction of sin and the fear of God is missing today from church and our lives. Every revival has had people repenting and fearing (that's reverencing) God. Every one. I want revival, I want the joy, the feelings, the jumping, and shouting; but I also want the fear of God. You know when God truly turns up in our meetings we will be on our faces. I am asking God for a move of conviction and repentence like Finney. Time to get real. Time to get on your face. Prayer:

Father I ask You for the fear of the Lord. Let me see an authentic move of God. Let me see conviction of sin, repentance and holiness and Lord start with me in Jesus' name, Amen.

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