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The Specials

Matt Richards

Deuteronomy 26:18 The LORD has declared today that you are his people, his own special treasure, just as he promised, and that you must obey all his commands.(NLT)

If you belong to Jesus you are His treasure. I am His treasured possession, the personal property of Jesus that He prizes and holds DEAR. Wow. Strongs says, 'Mans treasure is material objects, but consistently in Scripture God's treasure is human beings'. Other translations say you are special, unique, some peculiar, set apart. His prized possessions. You are jewels of great value to the King of Kings. Never underestimate your value to Jesus. There's a group of people on earth today who are 'The Specials'. Special Treasure. We are His Treasure. You are Special. If you haven't done it yet why not join The Specials. You are a Treasure waiting to be discovered. Prayer:

Father thank You I am Your treasure. I am valuable, priceless to You. Help me to live with that in mind today and obey You and shine for You and give You Glory in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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