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The Blame Game (Fb memory 2014)

Matt Richards

Proverbs 28 He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.

My son Caleb is potty training. He wet himself and the floor yesterday. When asking him what happened? Why didn't he use the potty? He said his "Dinosaur did it". This made me laugh I said to Beth that's impossible because the dinosaur isn't even in the same room lol. Many times we sin and get it wrong. The Holy Ghost then asks us what happened and we say, it was the serpent that tricked me, or it was the woman you gave me. Basically we blame someone else for our offence, sin, behaviour not matter how obscure. But if we do mess up all we have to do is take responsibility and accountability and confess our sins and say "yes it was me" and repent and ask for forgiveness. Caleb blamed his dinosaur but then he is only two. Who or what are you blaming.? What is your dinosaur? How old are you ?


Lord forgive me for blaming everyone else for my sin, my behaviour; I take full responsibility and repent and ask you to forgive me today in Jesus Name.

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