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The Blame Game

Matt Richards

(FB Memory May 13, 2020)

Job 36:13 Angry people without God pile grievance upon grievance, always blaming others for their troubles.

The Amplified says, 'heaps up anger'. The NIV says, 'harbour anger'. ESV says, 'cherish anger.' NLT says, 'full of resentment'.

You know I don't want to cherish, heap up or harbour anger.

Some people feel that they have a right to be angry. In fact they cherish it, they love it. Others are like a ship that is looking for a place to stay—they choose to harbour it.

In a world of problems and prejudices, and injustices it's easy to pile up grievances.

It's easy to choose to be offended to have a grievance, it really is.

It's so easy to blame others too. Blame my past, blame my employer, blame the government, blame church, and everybody else that's ever been involved with us. Even blame God.

We end up full of resentment.

I don't want to play the blame game. I don't want to cherish, to harbour anger, or resentment.

I want to forgive, I want to cast my cares on the Lord. I want to take responsibility for my emotions. I want to cry out to God for help.

No matter how stressed don't play the blame game.


Father forgive me for harbouring anger. I choose to forgive. I choose to cast my cares on You. Help me today with my emotions in Jesus' name Amen.

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