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Stir Crazy (Part 2)

Matt Richards

Isaiah 64:7 And there is no one who calls on Your name, Who stirs himself up to take hold of You; For You have hidden Your face from us, And have consumed us because of our iniquities.

You know as Christians we are in danger of becoming stagnant. In prolonged lockdown and isolation there is a danger that we can become lukewarm and even backslidden.

This is why fellowship, gathering together is so important.

But you know before we go to any meeting, any church gathering, it is our responsibility to stir ourselves up in the things of God.

Sometimes I read or hear about Revival and afterwards I am inspired, I am provoked, I stir myself up to go after God.

Other times something bad happens to me or to someone in church and like David faced with a bellowing Goliath; I am stirred up to say, "is there not a cause".

Whether it's inspiration or challenge today, be stirred up.

Give yourself a slap, give yourself a shake. Wake yourself up. Give yourself a good talking too. You are meant for so much more than this.

I am determined to stir myself up. Wake myself up and take hold of God with both hands.

In a world of low cost, high convenience often comfortable Christianity; take responsibility for yourself and stir yourself up.

Stop blaming others. Stop blaming your church. You are responsible for your own walk with Jesus. You can be as close to the Lord as you want. You can have your own personal revival. Stir yourself up.

The Holy Spirit is still looking for that one person who would stir themselves up today.

Be that one.


Father forgive me for blaming others. I choose to take responsibility for my own walk with You. Holy Spirit help me to stir into flame the embers in my life that I might burn for You. In Jesus' name amen.

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