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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now? (Part 2) The Frozen Chosen

Matt Richards

(Adapted from memory 2018)

Luke 19:30 Go to the village ahead of you, and as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.

You know in the story of David and Goliath. God's people were frozen with fear at the size of Goliath. It took David to defeat the enemy and untie the children of Israel to win the battle. As soon as they saw Goliath defeated, they rose up and stormed the enemy.

You know there are many Christians that are potential warriors frozen, tied up.

I dare I say it: locked down.

As I was praying I saw a vision of an army (like in Narnia). Those who used to fight, but that are now motionless, stationary, frozen.

I believe we are going to see an army raised up of those preserved ones, those frozen by the enemy, those taken out of action, bound up, and locked down.

Like the donkey, Jesus has use for them; so we are going to untie them and bring them to Jesus.

There's an untying coming to those bound; there's a rapid thawing coming to the chosen frozen. Why? because it's end times and the Lord has need of them.

The Lord has need of you.

You might feel like that donkey. Tied up, bound, unable to go far, forgotten in a village hidden out of the way, out of action going round in circles even. But you are not forgotten. Jesus knows.

The Lord sees. The Holy Spirit is coming to loose you, because the Master has need of you. You are designed to carry Jesus to the people. You have purpose.

It's Jesus time to be revealed, therefore its your time to be used to reveal Him, to carry Him.

Today go from a place of confinement from paddock to purpose, your true purpose: carrying King Jesus.

Should I stay or should I go. Holy Spirit is loosing you to go.


Father I want to thawed. I say I am available to be used for Your glory. Untie me so I can carry You Jesus to the people. Help me to untie others in these last days and see an army unlocked, mobilised in Jesus Name Amen.

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