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Raw Church

Matt Richards

You know on Sunday whilst doing Church on the Street, I saw a man wearing a tee-shirt with the large print "Raw" on it. Just been bugging me.

It reminded me that William Gypsy Lee a hero of mine was writing a book called 'Raw God.'

I remember him saying 'when Raw God turns up it changes everything.' He was referring to moves of God he had been part of where God came into the building. Miracles, crying and shaking, people falling out of the seats and people getting gloriously saved.

You know William preached for us and when he visited he gave us one of the most beautiful compliments ever. He said "I like this it's so raw".

There are many definitions of 'Raw.'

Here are some of the words associated with it.

Raw: Unrefined, natural, crude, unprocessed, naked, stripped back.

In it's natural state. Not finished.

Don't get me wrong I don't like my meat raw. But some things are just better in their natural state. Some vegetables like peas are just beautiful eaten raw. We often spoil things when we mess with them, when we process them.

I love Raw Church. It's time for Raw Church. Stripped back, natural, unrefined, not professional, not finished, not polished, not processed but just full of Jesus.

Love that. Raw God, Raw Church.

It's time for Raw Church.

Crazy Church.

Jesus being glorified. People being saved, transformed, healed, and delivered.

Let's get back to basics, get back to what really matters. Raw God.


Father Thank You for raw church.

Thank You that You cannot be confined to a building. Thank You that Jesus You are enough. Help us to be authentic in Jesus' name, Amen.

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