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Miracles Are On The Way

Matt Richards

John 4:49-51 The official pleaded, “Lord, please come now before my little boy dies.” Then Jesus told him, “Go back home. Your son will live!” And the man believed what Jesus said and started home. While the man was on his way, some of his servants met him with the news that his son was alive and well.

Love this passage, so much in there. Here's the thing, when you've left the comfort zone of a place called 'sorrow' and 'condolences' and met with Jesus, been given a word of life, then miracles can happen.

Like this man, you might have not arrived at the destination you were aiming at. But while you are on the way, Jesus can work the miraculous. Jesus touched the lepers; but it was on the way they got healed.

Sometimes we can despise the journey.

'Are we there yet?' We cry. But even if you're not there yet as such, on the journey God can perform the miraculous. Don't miss the miraculous on your journey.

I am so wanting to see a move of God, so wanting to see Revival. But while I am on the way, God is going to do some life changing, miraculous stuff. In fact miracles are 'on the way.'

Choose to believe what Jesus said and head for home. And on the way He will perform what He has promised.


Father thank You for Your word and Your promises for my life. I choose to believe them and I start my journey home. Thank You that even on the journey to where I should be; You perform the miraculous. Thank You for answered prayer today in Jesus' name amen.

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