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Jesus Loves Andrea Wilson

Matt Richards

(She is not the virus the message is) Getting lots of these today. 'You are being hacked don't take friend request /message from Andre Wilson'. Bless you Andre Wilson, whoever you are. Bit like the pandemic lie, it only works when we share.This is not a virus. You are taking part in a chain letter involving you passing it on. How relevent is this today. You don't have to share and warn anyone about a virus that could shut down the world. It's all fake news. Many people just clicking the share button, forwarding to all. Don't play their game. If only you and me shared the truth. Shared the Gospel to all our contacts... You see, there is a true virus out there. Has been since the garden of Eden, it's called Sin.

The only true cure for that virus called Sin is forgiveness.

Man's efforts to get clean even through good works aren't good enough. They just dont work.

This thorough cleansing, this washing can happen because of what Jesus did. Jesus died on the cross for us. To take the punishment of our sin. He took the virus on Himself.

And if we confess our sins and turn from them. If we believe Jesus died on the cross and confess Him as Saviour we will be cured. We will be forgiven and have eternal life. We will be brand new. Born Again.

From darkness to light. From curse to blessing, from death to life. Now that's worth sharing to all your contacts. Prayer:

Father thank You for sending Jesus. I am a sinner, I have done bad things, I am unclean. I choose to come to the cross. I believe Jesus You died for me. You took my sin, my shame, every curse, every virus. I repent of all my past. Forgive me, come into my life. Wash me, cleanse me make me brand new today in fact right now in Jesus' name amen.

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