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Jesus At The Wheels

Matt Richards

This made me laugh. It was originally titled, 'be specific what you pray Jesus..wrong wheel.' Real funny Carrie Underwood humour.

But here's the thing..there's something real prophetic in this. Really spoke to me tonight.

We pray prayers like, "Have Your Way in my life", "I give You everything" & "take control", "I belong to You." "And we sing " I surrender all".

But do we really?

Should we really be singing "I surrender all..but just not that." (Don't take that away whatever you do.)

You see maybe just maybe God's answering your prayer and has taken you at your word. He has caused a bump in the road. He has de-railed you.

The very thing you felt reliant and comfortable with has been pulled away. Like this lorry, you can't continue the journey the same.You become unsettled. But maybe He doesn't want to bless or steer something you shouldn't be in, in the first place. (If you can't say amen..say ouch.)

As you genuinely surrendered; things have seemingly got worse for you. Well maybe just maybe God is at work removing the wheels off your plans. (Dare I say it your relationships). Yes, maybe it was God after all answering your prayers.

We sometimes live in a delusion that Jesus wants us comfortable. Sorry to burst your bubble but that's not the case.

Maybe it wasn't the devil but Jesus that has been at the wheels again. Maybe Jesus doesn't just want the steering wheel anymore, but the whole vehicle. It's preposterous to think it and outrageous to say it but I think...

It is...that ..Jesus, yes my Jesus; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus at the wheels.


Father thank You I can trust You totally. Jesus take all the wheels off for You don't just steer the car, You own the car You own all of me. So take all of me whatever that looks like good or bad I choose Your way, Your journey even if it means losing some stuff and changing vehicles, in Jesus' Name Amen.

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