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Grace and Mercy Dragged Me Out

Matt Richards

Genesis 19 When morning came, the angels urged Lot to hurry, saying, Arise, take your wife and two daughters who are here [and be off], lest you [too] be consumed and swept away in the iniquity and punishment of the city. But while he lingered, the men seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand, for the Lord was merciful to him; and they brought him forth and set him outside the city and left him there.



stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave.

"she lingered in the yard, enjoying the warm sunshine"

This passage so spoke to me. Preached on it recently.

Lot was living in compromise with his family in Sodom. The angelic was coming to judge the city. The men pressed on the door of the house because they wanted to rape the angels thinking they were men.

The angels struck them with blindness.

There was an urgency to get Lot out of the city.

'But while he lingered.'

You know so many Christian's today are lingering. There is a reluctance to leave a place of familiarity no matter how bad or destructive it is for them.

But I just love the fact that while he still was indecisive, while he still dragged his feet, while he lingered, the angel's pulled them out to a place of safety.

That's Grace and Mercy right there. While he lingered, the angelic pulled him out to safety.

How many times in my life have I been slow to obey God. Slow to give up things that would have killed me. God in His mercy dragged me out, even at times against my will.

Dragged me out of relationships bad for me, dragged me out of jobs that weren't my destiny and dragged me out of habits I didnt have the strength to drag myself out of.

God will drag you out to a place that you can then choose for yourself to run to.

Are you lingering?

Are you in danger?

There's mercy today to seize you, and drag you, to lead you out to a safe place.

Grace and Mercy will drag you out.

He will bring you out, so He can bring you in.

There's some bad stuff He's just got to get you out of in order that can bring you into some good stuff. Your destiny.

Maybe that ended job, that failed relationship that closed door was God's grace and mercy getting you out.


Father thank You for grace and mercy in my life. Thank You for getting me out of some messes. Thank You that even when I was indecisive and disobedient You got me out. Help me to live in obedience to You. I give You full permission to drag me out of everything harmful to me right now in Jesus' name Amen.

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