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God is your Biggest Enthusias

Matt Richards

Romans 9:28 God doesn't count us; he calls us by name. Arithmetic is not his focus.

God knows your name how awesome is that. When people in church count decisions, God calls people by name. He is interested in the one, and He is interested In you and me. He's an enthusiast.He loves people not numbers. You know I met with two bus enthusiasts monday who had travelled a long way to take pictures of our Hope bus. I said to them "it's just a bus" why would you travel from Leeds to see it. The guy said "its not just a bus: its a Volvo Olympian and we love them" then he gave me the whole history and details of my bus. (Started in Manchester spent most of its life in Kent etc etc) He knew the bus with such detail and enthusiasm I was blown away. Now I can't even come close to understanding that I really don't (why someone would be so into buses .) But here's the thing God is into you. I cant begin to know why; just that He is. He's not just interested in you; but He knows us intimately. Bible says he knows such details about us, He even knows how many hairs we have on our head.Wow that's detail. And what's more He loves us. Your not a number, your a, son or a daughter . He is visiting you as you are so special to Him. And God is calling you by name. You are precious, you are chosen it's time to respond to the call of God.


Father thank You that You know all the details of my life and You still love me.ThankYou that You travel along way just to see me and to call me. I choose to respond to the Call, Thank You for loving me so much. In Jesus Name Amen.

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