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God Is A People Watcher

Matt Richards

Job 34:21-24 For God watches how people live; he sees everything they do. No darkness is thick enough to hide the wicked from his eyes. We don’t set the time when we will come before God in judgment. He brings the mighty to ruin without asking anyone, and he sets up others in their place.

You know it's all about integrity. Many people lead double lives; but God sees.

The opposite is true. There are many unsung heroes and unseen intercessors, and God sees them too. He knows who are His.

God is a people watcher.

Many times in life I've watched people whilst having a coffee and thought that person looks kind, I wonder what job they do. etc. etc.

Well God is watching people in the public place and in the secret place and He truly knows.

My children once were convinced that Beth had eyes in the back of her head and looked for them. (As she would always notice stuff they thought they had got away with.)

But know this, God sees. He has better eyes than anyone. Whatever you are doing right or wrong, God sees.

Many people, as we have even seen in the last twelve months think they are the ones that determine their time and the day they face God. But they don't and you don't. Several people have died and faced God unprepared. How absolutely tragic.

There's coming a day when you and me will be judged and all the secret stuff will come to light.

Please, please, friend get right with God.

When you're right with God, He, not you or anyone else will set you up. In fact those bad things that you have experienced may just be a set up for you to get right with Him.

He can and He will set you in your place. The right place Something only God can do. Next to Him.

God is watching. There's coming a day.


Father forgive me for my sin. Wash me in Your blood. I turn away from all my secret sins and run to You. Make me new. I believe You died on the cross for me. I receive forgiveness now in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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