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Go different

Matt Richards

Roman's 15:20 Thus my ambition has been to preach the Gospel, not where Christ’s name has already been known, lest I build on another man’s foundation; But ,[instead I would act on the principle] as it is written, They shall see who have never been told of Him, and they shall understand who have never heard [of Him].

--------- The message says 'This has all been pioneer work, bringing the Message only into those places where Jesus was not yet known and worshiped.' ---- You know many people feel 'called' to go to America to minister. It seems to me that some ministries may go as it's easy, or where the money is. (I hope I'm wrong, I really do). Just being honest. Please don't get angry with me. But why aren't many called to India, Africa, China, Cambodia etc to do a tour? Haven't the Americans enough people there preaching? That doesn't excite me at all. You know there's something inside of me, a pioneering spirit that wants to go where no one wants to go. Where nobody has been. Where no one pays you, where there is no merchandise or recognition or earthly reward. That wants to preach the gospel plant churches and see the power of God move. Want to preach the raw Gospel without gimmicks and see the raw power of God delivering a whole community. I just cant help it, it's in me. That's my ambition. To do different and to go different. How about you? Prayer:

Father thank You we can do different and go different. Lead us to crazy places where we can preach Your word and win souls and plant churches in Jesus name Amen.

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