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Encouragement part two

Matt Richards

Psalm 119:18 wonderful deeds. I weep with sorrow; encourage me by your word. Keep me from lying to myself; give me the privilege of knowing your instructions. My life’s strength melts away with grief and sadness; come strengthen me and encourage me with your words. Tpt

You know the Word of God has amazing life giving power to strengthen, revive and encourage. You can read the bible and at times passages, rhema 'now' words jump out at you. It encourages you. Other times someone can share a scripture with you not knowing your situation or need and it can be used to bless and encourage you. That is as Webster's dictionary puts it describing encouragement ..'to fill with courage or strength of purpose.' Need courage n strength to fulfill your purpose, and destiny? Find encouragement in the Bible, the Word. Don't stop there why not encourage others also; Pray for them and and share a scripture that the Holy Spirit gives you specifically for their life. In a world of critiques and discouragement be different: Be a Hope dealer. Be encouraged. And be an encourager. Today He can complete what He has started in You. God bless you. You are a sinner in Jesus.


Father thank You for Your Word the bible. Encourage me today with it as i read it fill me with courage and strength and purpose. Help me to encourage others also with a rhema Word as I pray for them in Jesus name

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