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Don't Turn Back

Aiden Matthams

Psalm 18:37-38 "I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them; Neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed. I have wounded them, So that they could not rise; I have wounded them, So that they could not rise; They have fallen under my feet."

We are in a spiritual battle, and each of us have spiritual enemies, and spiritual problems to deal with and overcome.

David was a man who had many enemies. He needed God's help if he was going to stay victorious, and he had to learn the keys to warfare. By the way, king David NEVER lost a battle in his entire career as king of Israel.

So here is a message for those of us who are in the fight right now. Don't stop, and don't turn back! Keep going until victory is secure and the specific enemies are destroyed.

So many times we start to get breakthrough or we start to get victory over some situation and perhaps even see a little bit of improvement, but give up to quickly before total victory is secured.

We stop praying, stop declaring, stop the intensity and say, "that's great. I think I'll chill out and take it easy now." It's not long before you're back to square one.

But I want to encourage someone today, to keep on attacking your problems with God's word, keep fighting until the job is done! Keep praying until the full victory comes.


Father thank You for the victory! Thank You for training me to warfare and teaching me how to win! I chose today to keep going until absolute victory! In Jesus' name, Amen.


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