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Don't Settle

Matt Richards

Numbers 32:5 They continued, "If you think we've done a good job so far, give us this country for our inheritance. Don't make us go across the Jordan." Moses answered the families of Gad and Reuben: "Do you mean that you are going to leave the fighting that's ahead to your brothers while you settle down here? Why would you even think of letting the People of Israel down, demoralizing them just as they're about to move into the land God gave them?

God's people were so close to the land that was promised to them. They were in a hairs breadth of possessing it.

But here the families of Gad and Reuben (who had lots of cattle) wanted to settle in the land that they had just conquered. They wanted to relax and feed their own livestock. They didn't want to continue on the journey and fight for the fullness.

It's easy as Christians to settle. When we have mouths to feed. When we have seen some victories. It's easy to say I don't want to fight anymore, I want to settle.

It's easy to settle for the good, not the best. It's easy also just to think about our own needs rather than fighting for others to inherit their fullness.

When things improve in your life. When there are victories and good stuff is happening. Don't fall short of what God has for you. Don't settle for anything; no matter how good.

Don't leave the fighting to others. Keep going in prayer, keep going in fasting, keep going in believing; keep going for Revival. This is bigger than just you. Don't stop going after God, others lives depend on it.

You might be tired, you might want to just relax, you might want to put your feet up and enjoy what God has done for you, but it's not time to Settle.

In a season of possessing: DON'T SETTLE.


Father I don't want to leave the prayer to others. I am so blessed and grateful, but I refuse to settle. I refuse to be comfortable. I press on and fight until I have possessed all You have for me and for others in Jesus' Name Amen.

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