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Don't Fight but Praise.

Matt Richards

2 Chronicles 2:22 As soon as they started shouting and praising, God set ambushes against the men of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir as they were attacking Judah, and they all ended up dead.

---- Jehosphat was surrounded by the enemy. The very enemy he was told not to touch earlier. They were the ones that came after him. God told him not to fight in the battle but just turn up. You know sometimes you won't be looking for trouble it will look for you . And sometimes it's with people you be been really kind too,and let off. But know the battle belongs to the Lord and all you have to is get in position, and turn up. Face the enemy and praise . Sometimes you can pray your way through. Sometimes you can fast your way through, or believe your way through. But sometimes you just gotta Praise your way through. Our job is not to fight; but to PRAISE. As soon as they praised:God fought for them . Do what only you can do, PRAISE; and God will do what He can do, destroy the demonic enemies threatening your life. Prayer:

Father today I choose to get in position. I turn up to the battle .And I lift my hands and I praise You.I praise You I praise You I praise You in Jesus Name Amen.

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