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Click Bait

Job 31:1 I DICTATED a covenant (an agreement) to my eyes; how then could I look [lustfully] upon a girl?

  [The message says to 'never to undress a girl with my eyes.']

We live in a crazy world where sexuality and lust sells. There is a term my son said is used in the online advertising industry called 'Click bait'.

Click bait is where Youtubers, Facebookers, and companies online put out some enticing picture or statement to get you to click the article/link. Take the bait. They in turn get paid by the advertiser when you do.

It could be something like, ' see what these stars look like now' or like this one less innocent on Bixby 'love islands Maura Higgins sizzles in Ann Summers line' 

But just don't take the bait. You are one click away from sin. From lust. 

The devil is a master at temptation, but there is always a way of escape. Don't ever take the bait.

Be careful as a Christian what you watch, you can always change channel, turn it off, look away or even not click.

Right now as a Christian why not make it that you choose not to lust after a girl or undress her with your eyes.


Father, I make a covenant with myself not to undress a girl with my eyes. I yield my eyegate to You. Help me to not take the bait in Jesus' name, Amen.

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