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Be Transformed

Matt Richards

1 Samuel 10:6 Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. {Message says: 'And you'll be transformed. You'll be a new person.'}

----- There's something about the anointing of God that transforms you. You might be shy or lack confidence, but when the anointing ,the unction of the Holy Spirit comes on you; it's like your another man. You become unrecognisable, even to yourself . There are times I have said stuff with authority and even moved into the gift of faith and i've been amazed as it's not been me at all, but all God. Here Saul was with the prophets and he caught something of the prophetic and he prophesied . If you hang around with anointed ministers you will find you will begin to flow in their gifts and calling. It's the power of association. If bad company corrupts then good company edifies and builds you up.The anointing can be caught.And you can come under someone else's cover and gifting if you are with them. The Holy Spirit makes all the difference.There are many things that you can only do under the anointing.Other times it would not be possible.The anointing is like a garment you put on that transforms you and makes you another man. It's a bit like Clark Kent who goes into a phone booth and comes out as Superman. Goes from the ordinary to super human. You know this Christian walk is not fiction or fantasy but real; more real than anything you know. Its an exciting adventure. You need, I need to become the person God has called us to be. This is only possible under the Holy Spirit and the anointing. The Holy Spirit will transform you .Will make you a new person. A better person, a supernatural person. Put on Jesus and Yield to the Holy Ghost today. Be transformed. Prayer:

Thank You that by your power and anointing through the Holy Spirit I become another person. A better person. I choose to yield to You today in Jesus Name Amen

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