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The Foundation of Altars

Matt Richards

2 Chronicles 3:1 So Solomon broke ground, launched construction of the house of God in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, the place where God had appeared to his father David. The precise site, the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite, had been designated by David.

You know God said to Solomon build my house on this spot. What spot? The place where David had built an altar to God to stop the plague/judgement. A place of repentance, a place of worship a place if consecration and prayer.

Previously commentators say this was the same spot Abraham had offered his son as an offering to God; when God provided a lamb.

You know we have spent January in prayer and consecration. I feel God saying carry on, I can build something on this.

We are going to make prayer and Praise and worship our focus our foundation (not forgetting the lamb that was slain, and the cross, and our inheritance).

We are looking to continue with this foundation in February.

God never forgets sacrifice and the building of altars. He didn't forget Abraham: then David was drawn to the same place to build an altar the very same place. That's no coincidence friend.

If we want revival we've got to get back to the same place of our forefathers in prayer (and praise).

We can only build substantially on the altar of prayer and worship, and on everything that's done for us on the cross. We have to die to our agenda, our ministry and say "Your Kingdom come Your will be done."

I'm not sure how we are going to do it, but after India we are going to start prayer and worship corporately daily again.

Let's rebuild an altar in our lives, in our families in our city. The altar then becomes a platform for Him to come. A place His Glory can dwell.


Father thank You for Your Word. Help us to rebuild the altar of prayer, praise and worship that You might build something in my life and generation in Jesus' Name Amen.

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