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Stop For The One...Twice

Matt Richards

My highlight of tonight. We went to Lowestoft Nov 2018. We did church on the Bus. This man 'Stars' wondered on. He had had a few drinks. We shared the Gospel but he was too inebriated to respond. I felt so much compassion and love for this man. We prayed for him even after we met him that night. Today as I pulled up to Janice and Steve's gallery there was a man with a bloodied face just beaten up. I called out to him and called him OVER and next to him, looking after him was the one and only stars. They both had curry, someone cleaned up his friend and guess what, this time he was sober.

We lead him to Jesus... What are the chances... Thank you Jesus! Stop for the one, twice.

All Glory to Jesus. (Photograph with permission from Stars 2018 &, 2020)

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