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Sit down

Matt Richards

Psalm 23:5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

---- You know the bible says in Ephesians we are told we are seated with Christ in the heavenly. This is our spiritual position. Being seated with Christ. Being seated is, therefore, a position of authority of ruling. So sit down. You know even in the place of a battle, in a struggle. There's a table prepared for us. Not away from the situation, not away from the aagro, but in the very place where our enemies and bad stuff is; How crazy is that. So why not sit down?. Sit down at the table prepared for you and eat. So many people are struggling, fighting, going to n fro. Too busy to have a seat. Sometimes you have to sit down. Sit down in the position of being seated with Christ and eat. Sit down even in a place of attack and battle and eat. That's receive from Jesus. Some of the greatest spiritual warfare is sitting down, resting. Devil wants you stressed out, burnt out, run down. But sometimes you need to just sit down. Replenish today, have a banquet with Jesus. Be seated and let Him fight for you. So when the devil is looking for a fight, sit down and look for the fork. Prayer:

Father thank You that I am seated with Christ right now. Thank You there is provision and blessing prepared for me at Your table. I choose to take my position and sit down and feast with You today in Jesus name amen.

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