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Relentless Faith

Matt Richards

(FB Memory)

Luke 18:8 And will not [our just] God defend and protect and avenge His elect (His chosen ones), who cry to Him day and night? Will He defer them and delay help on their behalf? I tell you, He will defend and protect and avenge them speedily. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [persistence in] faith on the earth?                         


tenacious, persevering, determined, resolute, purposeful, dogged, singleminded, tireless, indefatigable, pertinacious, patient, diligent, assiduous, sedulous, unflagging, untiring, unwavering, insistent, Importunate, relentless, unrelenting

We need a relentless faith. A determination to hold on until we see God come through.

It's so easy to give up, to lose hope.

There have been many times I have felt like giving it all in. At these times I dig deep and hold on.

No matter what your believing God for today don't give up. Keep on keeping on. Your persistent faith will bring the breakthrough. Don’t lie down, just refuse to give up; get up right now and believe.

There have been times when casting out demons where the demon has mocked me and said, "I'm not coming out". I have said several times, "well I'm not leaving this place til you do." A dogged determined faith has led to mighty deliverance.

A stubbornness, a tenacity, an unrelenting attitude, a refusal to give up and a consistency of faith leads to victory. I refuse to die, I refuse to give up, I refuse to let the devil win; not today devil. I have: Relentless faith.

Jesus is coming back and when He comes will He find persistent, relentless faith.


Father thank You for faith. I choose to hold onto Your promises. I choose persistent, relentless faith today. I believe in Jesus' Name Amen.

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