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Reject Evil, Accept God's Word

James 1:21
NKJV "Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls."
NLT "So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives, and humbly accept the word God has planted in your hearts, for it has the power to save your souls."

Two things need to happen for us as Christians to walk in the fullness that God has:

1. Get rid of/lay aside sin.

2. Humbly accept/receive the word.

This is a major key to receive what God has for your christian walk.

Often, I see people trying to do one without the other.

I've watched people put sin away, but fail to accept/recieve the simple truths from God's word, or in contrast they try to receive blessings from God's word, without wanting to get rid of their sin.

You can't have one without the other, it's like right foot and left foot, they work together.

Another thing that I see is when Christians instead of humbly receiving God's word, they 'humbly' accept a substandard experience, full of sickness, failure, depression and oppression in their lives.

But the truth is, our victory in christianity is enjoyed by faith that comes when we accept and receive the simple truth in God's word, which has all the power we need for any given problem.

It has the power to save our souls. The word 'save' is the greek word 'sosai' or 'sozo' which means save, heal, restore, make whole, deliver, and preserve.

So the word of God, implanted in my heart has enough power to heal me, to restore me, to deliver me, to make me whole, and to preserve me, and keep me for the rest of my days! Everything I need is found in His word.


Father thank You for this simple truth! I chose to lay aside wickedness and instead I want to humbly accept and receive Your word into my heart. Thank You that Your word has the power to bring me in to blessing and victory for the rest of my days. I chose to receive it and accept it now in Jesus' name, Amen.

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