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Not Today Devil

Matt Richards

1 Kings 20:4-5 But then the envoy returned a second time, saying, "On second thought, I want it all—your silver and gold and all your wives and sons. Hand them over—the whole works. I'll give you twenty-four hours; then my servants will arrive to search your palace and the houses of your officials and loot them; anything that strikes their fancy, they'll take."

The evil king Benhadad (Hadad means God of the storms) came and demanded that they handed over their wives, children, and money.

You know the devil in the storm, in thunder still demands to you. He still demands the same as he did then; your money, your marriage, and your children. Nothing has changed.

He wants your marriage to end. He wants you to be bankrupt. He wants your children.

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

But like the king of Israel, don't let him.

"Don't cave in to him. To his demands even in the storm. Don't give an inch." Say.."not today devil."

No compromise. In fact not today or any day for that matter, gonna kick your devil butt. Kick him out of your marriage, your finances, and your children. Kick the hell out of everything connected to you.

In this storm don't let the devil take a thing.

You are meant for blessing. Stand and keep standing.


Father thank You that even though the devil wants my wife, my children, and my money, you want to bless me. I tell satan and all his workers to take their hands off my marriage, my money and my children now in Jesus' Name Amen.

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