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Matt Richards

Psalm 108:12-13 Give us help against the adversary, for vain is the help of man. Through and with God we shall do valiantly, for He it is Who shall tread down our adversaries.

You need help. Gods help.

Sometimes we recognise we need help, but think that someone else out there is going to provide all the help we need.

We might think our help might come in the form of a relationship. If only I had a boyfriend, a girlfriend, if only I was married my life would be complete.

Others might think their help will come from a doctor if sick, or from a bank manager if in need of a loan.

Others still put all their emphasis on friends or family to help.

But you know the bible says, God is a very present help in time of trouble.

You see often times God will allow all your life-lines to come to nothing so you will cry out to Him.

Don't be mad when people let you down, they are not perfect. Your source, your help is meant to be in Jesus. And He will never let you down.

Through and with God, you will see victory today.


Father forgive me for putting all the emphasis on other people for help.

Thank You that You are my help and the lifter of my head. Thank You that through and with You I will see victory today in Jesus' name Amen.

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